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All About Respect

Our entire student body came together on Tuesday morning to hear an important message from Mr. Abshire about how this year's focus will be on the virtue of respect.  Using the Jason Mraz music video, "Living in the Moment" students heard and saw the importance of being present, letting mistakes from the past go and starting fresh with peace in our minds and souls.  He explained to the students that we are taught in the Bible to love our neighbors and the best way for us to show that love is by respecting each other.  Students offered up ways they could show respect and he challenged them to get "caught" being respectful throughout the school year. 
Each classroom features a new All About Respect poster that teachers will be using to help explain how we can show respect by being kind, showing empathy, giving each other personal space and taking care of each other.
We encourage you to help keep this conversation going at home as well!