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6th Grade Trip to Bethel Horizons

In these two action-packed days, our 6th graders participated in many activities to help them develop as leaders and teammates as they solved problems and overcame many challenges.

Underlying all of these activities is Phil’s core message: RISE. It’s an acronym where R is for Respect, I is for inclusion, S is for support, and E is for empathy. When our students focused on these traits within themselves, they were able to meet many different challenges with great success.

On the first day, students crossed a hot chocolate lake using marshmallows, escaped an alien spacecraft by breaking the secret code, found balance on the large balancing platform, navigated the obstacle course blinded through the directions of their partners, and climbed a cliff!

On the second day, the students challenged themselves on several elements of the high ropes course. They started on the “giant swing”, where they decided how high to go (up to about 30 feet) and released themselves. Then, they climbed two of three other elements, all about 30 feet up) including the “”swinging log”, the “vine walk”, and “islands in the sky”. They finished up by walking the “stationary log” to the “zip line”. As each student performed all these feats, their classmates were there supporting them, quite literally, by being their belay crew.


By the end of the second day it was evident to their chaperoning teachers, Mr. Mack and Ms. Runyon, that each student had shown noticeable growth in their leadership qualities and their ability to be a good teammate.