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Helping Our Kids Cope

We've been doing our research and here are some of the best tips we've found:
  1. Pray.  Demonstrate your faith and the power of prayer to your children.  Praying will help reduce anxiety and teaching children to pray empowers them to turn to Jesus when they are feelings stressed or sad.
  2. Play, play, play!  Children learn and process through play.  Spend the extra time at home interacting with your kids.
  3. Turn off the TV - Don't watch COVID-19 news reports when your kids are in the room.
  4. Get outside & keep moving!  Walks, bike rides, hikes and family soccer games in the yard are not cancelled!
  5. Connect with loved ones and friends via technology, phone calls and by sending cards and letters in the mail.
  6. Keep your expectations in check.  You are likely trying to work from home, teach your kids and create a whole new schedule and "normal" for your family.  Things won't be perfect.  Children under stress may even regress in school.  It's ok.  Take care of their emotional needs first and be sure to take care of your own mental health too.