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At Home Gym Class Ideas from Ms. Runyon

Warm Up!  1 Laps (around your hours, around your block, or other defined space)
I hope you found someone to help you with fitness testing.  Practice this week and retest in the next week or two.
Try something new this week:
     1.  Standing Long Jump: Push off both feet at the same time and land on both feet.  Measure from the take off line to the back of your heel closest to the take off line.  Try to jump past your height.
     2.  Sprint: Set up a distance (at least 20 yards).  Run as fast as you can.  Have someone time you.  Catch your breath (wait a bit) and try again.
     3.  Use your muscles differently: Try running backwards.(put a little forward lean so you don't fall backwards).  Also try skipping and galloping backwards.
     4.  Stepping: Use a bottom step.  Step up, up, down, down.Try stepping for 1 minute.  Keep a steady pace.  Each set of up,up, down, down counts 1.  Keep track of how many you can do.  Try again in a day or two and compare scores.