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Class of 2020: Student Spotlight

Abby Tubbs
Abby is a motivated, positive member of the 8th grade class who is always ready to volunteer with a smile. In addition to her great academic achievements, she plays volleyball and lacrosse and serves as our National Junior Honor Society Secretary.
Amber Wahlgren
Amber is a conscientious student, always putting so much effort into her work. She is also an accomplished dancer, plays volleyball and is a National Junior Honor Society Officer.
Charlotte Yingling
Charlotte is hardworking and very polite to teachers and fellow students. She's really grown into a person who advocates for herself and shows a lot of enthusiasm for living. She demonstrates great talent on the softball field and is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the Milwaukee Children's Hospital.
David Benson
David is a brilliant young man with an abundance of potential. His love of music and history are evident. When a leader is needed, David steps up to guide the group. In addition to being a great student, David is a musician and multi-sport athlete.
Emma Tubbs
Emma is a hard worker who is always there when a volunteer is needed. She is a respected leader of the 8th grade class. She is always smiling and willing to help any teacher or friend. In addition to being a stellar student, Emma plays volleyball, lacrosse and is the President of our NJHS
Gavin Gresch
Gavin is always willing to step in and help. He is hilarious, and his witty one liners demonstrate his joyful approach to life! Gavin is a gifted, multi-sport athlete and is also a member of our school band.
Ian Kartman                                                                                                                                                         
Ian joined St. Francis Xavier in January and fit in with the group immediately. He is helpful and kind, always willing to do service projects and mentor younger students. Ian is a talented football players and enjoys weightlifting.
Jon Vosburg
Jon is always level-headed and a very hard worker. He loves to talk sports, especially golf! He is a member of our National Junior Honor Society and played an integral role in implementing an improved recycling program, helping our school reduce waste. In addition to being a great student, Jon plays basketball and is an avid golfer.
Kylie Parish
Kylie is a dedicated, conscientious student. She has a beautiful singing voice, plays in the school band and is an accomplished dancer. She often uses her study hall to volunteer for National Junior Honor Society activities and other service projects.
Michael Lamberty
Michael is a very bright young man. He loves to learn new things and is very creative. He started his own podcast and enjoyed learning about video editing earlier this year. He is a talented hockey player and loves playing Dungeons and Dragons.
Noah Kuhn
Noah consistently goes above and beyond. He has a positive attitude and is very patient with younger students. He is the Vice President of our National Junior Honor Society, is in honor band, is a multi-sport athlete and plays the piano.
Sofia Hernandez
Sofia is a very good and loyal friend to her classmates. She is funny and loves to make people laugh. When asked to help out she never hesitates to jump in.  She is a multi-sport athlete and excels in both volleyball and lacrosse.
Zack Machoian
Zack is dedicated to his sports and enjoys entertaining his classmates. He has an abundance of quick witted humor. Zack enjoys sharing his athletic skills with younger students and has served as a role model to them. He is an avid golfer and a talented hockey player.