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2nd Grade Growth Mindsets

Mrs. Ziegler’s second graders are learning about what it means to be in a growth mindset.   Research has shown that student beliefs about intelligence and ability directly impacts their success in the classroom.  Mrs. Ziegler’s goal is to help her students start thinking positively about themselves, others, and when in difficult situations, by applying growth mindset principals.   She introduced this concept with several fun activities including blind compliments, confidence mirrors and a Change Your Words...Change Your Mind! bulletin board in her classroom.

As students engaged in these activities they learned about how our brain is like a muscle; that needs to be exercised regularly to think positively.  They also talked about how we shouldn't think negatively of ourselves because God made us and God only makes good.  As the year goes on, they will continue to work on how to effectively communicate when they are feeling frustrated.  Instead of saying “I can’t do this.” they are encouraged to use a growth mindset phrase, such as “This may take some effort, but I will get it!”

All of which will ultimately help them to achieve more.