St. Francis Xavier Catholic School

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At St. Francis Xavier Catholic School, we provide an educational experience that is both comprehensive in meeting the standards and expectations of a high-quality curriculum, and allows for the uniqueness of each student’s learning ability. Our school is fully accredited by the Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation (WRISA), which requires our ongoing review and updating of curriculum consistent with standards set by the association.


A Catholic School Community

Throughout our curriculum, we incorporate the values, beliefs and tenets of our Catholic faith.  On a daily basis, our qualified staff delivers learning experiences that are shaped by the nuances of particular students’ learning abilities, as well as the demands of a contemporary, and reasonably flexible curriculum. This approach reflects the hands-on research of our school's educational leaders, with special attention given to the Catholic Diocese of Madison Religious Education Standards and the State of Wisconsin Model Academic Standards.


Special Programs & Fine Arts

We want our students to have a well-rounded education. To that end, our special programs are designed to help our students realize their full potential personally, socially, and academically.  These programs include but are not limited to, art, music, band, technology, robotics, Spanish, public speaking and cursive.


Classes Offered

All students take the core subjects of Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. All students also take Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology. Students begin Spanish coursework beginning in 4th Grade. We also have a complete, modern Library that all of our students can access for research and reading material. Students in Grades 4K-5 visit the Library weekly.

Advanced Learner Opportunities
St. Francis Xavier is a member of the Greater Dane County Advanced Learner Network. This group is made up of 35 school districts in our region and their mission is to work in cooperation with other organizations such as WI Association for Talented and Gifted, WI Center for Academically Talented Youth and the UW Office of Education to provide programs for students that enhance learning.
Current Opportunities: