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Personal and Corporate Gifting is critical to the success of St. Francis Xavier Catholic School. As is so evident today, a quality education requires the orchestration of many factors to help deliver the optimum conditions to help young minds flourish. Add the all important spiritual component and you have the ideal recipe to help educate the future leaders of our parish and the Catholic Church.

As is true with all aspects in today’s complex and busy world, this education comes with a significant cost. We are blessed that the St. Francis Xavier Parish believes this education is so important that it is willing to subsidize part of the amount and help offset the actual cost. The remainder is then taken care of by the tuition collected.

Many years ago, it was evident that many families were facing difficult choices and one choice St. Francis Xavier Catholic School was committed to was to offer an educational decision based on a philosophical distinction as opposed to a financial one. Each year has seen an increase in generosity and each family in need has always been able to receive aid. As we approach even harsher economic times I fear additional families will be faced with a dilemma, so my appeal to you is to see what you are able to do to help. Please understand that any donation is helpful and if you have the ability to help answer this prayer, you will have made a significant contribution to a St. Francis Xavier Catholic School student’s life.