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Curriculum » Virtual Art Class

Virtual Art Class

Hello K - 1 Artists, 
I have a fun art project for you to try.  See the worksheet above. 
Step 1.  Draw with pencil all of the people you see on this worksheet
Step 2.  I would like you to draw 2 of your own people and give them something to say, like the worksheet.  
Step 3.  When you are finished, please put your name at the top and take a picture of it and send it to me.  
Thank you and happy drawing.
Hello 2nd - 5th Grade Artists,

Step 1.  Here is a fun assignment you can complete with crayon, colored pencil or marker.  Be sure to put your name on the top.  
Step 2.  When you have completed the worksheet, please take a picture of it and send it to me.
You next assignment:
Step 3.  Create a painting or drawing using warm colors only.  
Step 4.  Create a second picture using a monochromatic color.  
We talked about Monochromatic color in class.  Mono means one, chromatic means color.  (This is a hint for the worksheet and your assignment) . 
Step 5.  When you have finished this, please take a photo and send it to me.
Good luck.  
Mrs. Sauer
Hello 6th-8th Grade Artists,
I would like you to do self portrait drawing in the next 2 weeks.  This is going to be a picture of you. 
Step 1.  Take a black and white picture of yourself and print it off on your computer.  Fill the page with your portrait.  8.5" x 11" will be fine.  
Step 2.  Cut the picture in half the long way.  Glue one half of your portrait to a piece of drawing paper or as good a paper as you can.  
Step 3.  Draw the mirror image of your face on the other half as seen in the example below.  Your drawing must range from white to black.  Take your time.  
Step 4.  When you have completed your drawing (that only you have done) take a photo and send it to me,  I would like to see 3 photos of your drawing in progress as well.  
Please send me an email if you have any questions.  
Mrs. Sauer
April 30, 2020
Dear Artists:
Please choose 2 projects from the list below to make and then email me back a picture at when you have completed them.  
Project #1:
Please watch this quick video and make a cool flying machine.  It really flies!!!  Show me your paper airplane.  
Project #2:
Please watch this video and try to make your own magic wand
Project #3:
You can draw any design you choose, so make sure you make it colorful and fun.  (Sorry for the mess moms and dads).  
Project #4:
Some of you have already made this orb, but if you would like to do this again, please feel free.  
I used card stock, but any heavy paper will do.
Project #5:
This is a rather long video on youTube, but I think you will enjoy trying this.  I got the toilet paper roll damp, not wet to make it easier to fold the paper.  
The faces you create can be painted if you wish.
Project #6:
This weaving project is all made out of colored paper.  You can use all white if you wish as well.  You could also color the paper with colored pencil, marker or crayon before weaving with it as well.
What a great day for art! Have fun!